Wednesday, August 18, 2010


All LOW LEVEL (or COLD) LASER devices are not created equal. Translation = No one LASER device can cure every condition under the sun. In fact, a few months back while at a post-graduate seminar, I stumbled upon a deal on a great affordably priced LASER device. I was downright giddy about paying almost $2,000 for this Super-pulsed 905 nanometer LASER.

A few minutes later, I was talking to another Chiropractor. I excitedly told him that I was getting ready to plunk down $2,000 for a new LASER. A vendor within earshot spoke up, saying that she had a LASER that her company carried that she would gladly sell me for $2,000. After she explained which LASER she was peddling, a couldn't help but chuckle. It was an ML 830. A veritable toy compared to the LASER devices that I already own. I politely replied "Thanks, but no thanks."

Fast forward to today. I found an ad in a local Macoupin County newspaper advertising how another local DC can cure 'almost everything under the sun' with his new ML 830 LASER. Needless to say, I chuckled again! While it's true that his device will definitely help some people, there will no doubt be a lot of folks that don't respond at all, as an ML 830 just doesn't penetrate deep enough to treat a herniated disc, for example. Wouldn't you know that of the 14 conditions he lists in his ad that this ML 830 will fix, the herniated disc is the first item. Whoops!

The truth is that 5 years ago, when I purchased my first 3 LASER devices, the ML 830 sold for $8,000. After doing my homework for three months, I purchased three lasers that combined cost less than that price. One of which for just $1,800, runs rings around the ML 830.

For example my 808 nanometer LASER can do in 5 minutes (at a possible penetration of 3 centimeters) what the ML 830 would take a nearly 30 minutes to do (depth of penetration of 2 centimeters, but much fewer photons will reach the target tissue in 5 minutes). Of course most Docs don't have time to shine the LASER on the patient for over a half hour, and most patients don't have the time to lay there that long either (especially with a hot low back).

If the target tissue is the Carpal Tunnel, the ML 830 would do a fine job (over time). It wouldn't need to get more than 2 cm deep. If on the other hand, I'm wanting to treat a 350-pound patient which a bulging disc in her lower back, I'll need much more penetration power than the relatively low-powered ML 830 could muster!
This is where my new super-pulsed LASER (with a deeper penetration of 5 cm) comes in super handy.

At Austin Family Chiropractic, what sets our clinic apart from the local LASER competition, is that each patient who receives COLD LASER THERAPY at AFCvirden, is treated with NOT ONE LASER, but rather with the THREE BEST LASERS for his or her particular condition. Thus we're utilizing both:

* continuous & super-pulsed,
* visible red & infrared,
* superficial & deeper penetrating,
* lower (more subtle energy) power & higher power,
* resonating lasers & stimulating lasers.

In other words, (sometimes stubborn) damaged cells and tissues are more apt to respond to AFC's approach!

The Austin Family Chiropractic approach is definitely NOT one-size-fits-all LASER THERAPY!!!

BTW, The cost of the ML 830 has continued to drift downward over the past 5 years. It now retails for $2,000.

In summary, one laser device is much better than zero laser devices. But several LASER devices with many different wavelengths (of light) and power levels to choose from allows for a much more individualized approach to each patients' specific condition.

Our laser treatments are also very affordable as well. In fact, we've helped hundreds of people with them since July of 2005.

Please give us a call at (217) 965-3100 for your free LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY demonstration & consultation. You'll be glad that you did.

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  6. A shame you have to trash another product in order to promote your own. Interesting that the ML830 advertises 5Cm penetration whereas you say it only does 2Cm. Who is lying here?