Friday, February 18, 2011

Many thanks to other area D.C.'s for allowing us to help your patients too (with lasers & auriculotherapy).

At Austin Family Chiropractic, we are very appreciative of the many wonderful patients that we've met & served over the years who were referred to our clinic by other area Doctors of Chiropractic. Yes, you did read the previous sentence correctly!

The truth is that it's fairly common these days for us to get referrals from other area D.C.'s from Carlinville to Springfield for the purpose of Cold Laser Therapy (for tough shoulder & knee cases) and Auriculotherapy (ie, our quit smoking program) as well.

I know that some more closed-minded D.C.'s would never refer to other D.C.'s due to the 'competition factor'. But rest assured that if your D.C. refers you to our office for either laser treatments or to quit smoking, we will do our best to assist him in his efforts to restore your health. We will then gladly refer you back to your primary D.C. for your regular chiropractic care.

This is because many D.C.'s don't have cold lasers like Austin Family Chiropractic does. And most of those that do only have one laser device. Please see my previous blog entry about 'all lasers not being created equal' for more info here. We've spent a lot of time (doing our homework) and money (thousands of dollars purchasing our clinic's full arsenal of laser therapy devices) dating back to the spring of 2005. Treating tough cases with low level laser therapy (LLLT) is truly a passion of ours, and is thus an ongoing process.

The same can be said of our quit smoking program, which for $100/person, currently boasts a 72% success rate. Dr. Todd has studied under 18 auriculotherapy pioneers from 5 different countries dating back to 2006. Helping folks to quit the nicotine habit is also a labor of love for us here at Austin Family Chiropractic in Virden, IL.

The truth is that all Doctors of Chiropractic are here to serve their patients and to improve the health of their respective communities. Collectively, it is our goal to make the world a better place through optimizing the health of our patients, one treatment at a time.